Markpol Distributors, Inc. is a multi-faceted Midwest distribution company with three independent yet, complimentary distribution segments.  This multi-faceted approach permits company the ability to personalize our approach to customers while continuing to improve the level of service to our customers. 

Markpol is a leading food distributor specializing in European grocery merchandise imported from highly specialized thoroughly qualified European exporters.   Our customers may select a customer offering of 4 to 24 feet selection of assorted grocery merchandise appealing to the American and European consumer.
Our Direct Store Delivery (DSD) program permits timely merchandising for high impulse grocery items found in convenience and liquor stores.  Finally, our food service division permits Markpol Distributions the ability to expand specialty merchandise with immediate consumption items similar to the item selection you will find in our Hometown Coffee Program for convenience and office coffee customers. 


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Makaron Polski Kolanko (Elbow) Noodle 20/400g
Makaron Polski Kolanko (Elbow) Noodle 20/400g
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