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Winiary 5 Min Barszcz Czerwony (Beet Soup with croutons) 28/16g 1 Oz 14228
Winiary 5 Min Barszcz Czerwony Tradycjny (Beet Soup Traditional) 0 Oz 14229
Winiary 5 Min Zupa Grzybowa (Mushroom Soup) 24/16g 1 Oz 14222
Winiary 5 Min Zupa Ogorkowa (Cucumber Soup) 25/15g 1 Oz 14226 0
Winiary 5 Min Zupa Pomidorowa (Tomato Soup)24/19g 1 Oz 14225
Winiary 5 Min Zurek (Sour Soup) 25/13g 0 Oz 14227 0
Winiary Barszcz Bialy (White Borsch Soup) 30/65g 2 Oz 14202
Winiary Barszcz Czerwony Ekspresowa (Red Borsch Instant Soup) 30 2 Oz 14250
Winiary Jak u Mamay Zupa Kalafiorowa (Cauliflower Soup)25/47g 0 Oz 14216
Winiary Jak u Mamy Zupa Borowikowa (Boletes Soup) 30/45g 2 Oz 14240
Winiary Jak u Mamy Zupa Grzybowa (Champignon Soup) 25/45g 2 Oz 14215
Winiary Zupa Barszcz Czerwony w sloiku (Jar Beet Soup) 10/160g 6 Oz 14232
Winiary Zupa Brokulowa (Broccoli Soup) 20/65g 2 Oz 14219
Winiary Zupa Cebulowa (Onion Soup) 25/30g 1 Oz 14214
Winiary Zupa Fasolowa (Bean Soup) 25/68g 0 Oz 14205 0
Winiary Zupa Grochowa (Pea Soup) 25/75g 0 Oz 14201 0
Winiary Zupa Jarzynowa (Vegetable Soup) 20/58g 2 Oz 14218
Winiary Zupa Jarzynowa (Vegetable Soup) 25/48g 2 Oz 14207
Winiary Zupa Ogorkowa (Cucumber Soup) 25/48g 2 Oz 14209
Winiary Zupa Pieczarkowa (Champignon Soup) 25/3g 0 Oz 14213

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Results 1 - 20 of 24

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Winiary Sos Bialy (White Sauce) 30/30g
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